The best gaming keyboards


Which gaming keyboard is the best? We tested the top models and came to the logical conclusion that the mechanical ones are leading. Undoubtedly.

Full-sized, membrane or mechanical, with RGB or single-color backlighting, we thoroughly tested every keyboard we got in our hands. This is a very difficult job, but someone had to spend all day playing games and conducting tests. All in order to share the result with you.

We chose the best models among companies such as Logitech, Corsair and Razer, with different settings, configurations. Therefore, we hope that this information will help you choose the perfect device.

It is difficult to imagine a gaming computer without a decent keyboard, especially considering that the manipulator is gradually becoming not only a “feature of user PCs”. Now Microsoft consoles officially support keyboards and mice in some projects.

Together with a gaming mouse, the keyboard is part of a single system that provides PC users with the highest accuracy and almost instant feedback among all existing game controllers. Even if you use the best gamepad, anyone who plays FPS shooter (from a first-person perspective) on their computer will be much faster and more precisely thanks to the “keyboard shortcut”.

But what exactly plays a decisive role in choosing a gaming keyboard? First of all, devices of this type are usually divided into mechanical and membrane. The former are most popular, but many myths hang around the latter. Based on this, we can say that the choice between mechanical and membrane “clav” is simply a matter of taste.


Type: Mechanical | Switch Type: Cherry MX Speed ​​| Anti-ghosting: N-key

The Corsair K70 line is the absolute leader among the gaming keyboards we have ever used. Since their release in 2013, I have been an ardent fan of them and have not used other brands that could change my mind. Even the latest Corsair models, like the Strafe or K95 Platinum, could not repeat that wonderful combination of simple modern design and true pleasure from use.

Over the past few years, keyboards have evolved dramatically and become extremely mechanical (unlike the original), but with different types of Cherry MX switches and RGB LED backlight. As for the classic design, it remained virtually unchanged. The brushed aluminum base provides reliability, and thanks to the presence of a backlight, the need for additional lighting practically disappears.

We were pleased with the controls that were placed on a separate panel. Now almost every keyboard prefers the use of keyboard shortcuts with “Fn” and the like. As a result, the call of any services or applications turns into real digital gymnastics, especially if you reach the desired button through the entire keyboard. And during the game, using such combinations does not always work out quickly. The next important point is the large wheel for adjusting the volume level, which can now be found on other keyboards, albeit without any improvements.


Type: Analog | Switch Type: Flaretech Optical | Anti-ghosting: N-key

Median price: $ 140 / £ 129

Wooting One is different from all gaming keyboards currently available. Do not let the LED backlight fool you, because under the keys hides one of the most advanced mechanical switches in the world. Flaretech optical switches are completely analogue, and as soon as you get used to them, you will see how much they influence your success in games with the “mouse.”

This means that it will be possible to sneak by lightly pressing the “W” key, and the movements in Far Cry 5 will be smooth, and not as if you are controlling a drunk character. The software, which adds analog support to games, uses good AI and is designed no worse than the keyboard itself. The kit comes with several additional switches that you can use if you somehow magically break the basic ones, whose lifespan is designed for 100 million clicks.

Wooting One is constantly improving, so more recently, RGB backlighting was added, making the model even more beautiful. Interestingly, the company initially launched its project on Kickstarter, after which it pleased us with such an excellent product as Wooting One.


Type: Mechanical | Switch Type: Cherry MX Red / Blue / Brown | Anti-ghosting: N-key

Average price: 7490₽

Some compact keyboard models are made without a digital block (on the right side), but thanks to HyperX and the fact that they made Alloy FPS not much larger than truncated versions. For many gamers, his absence is a real tragedy. Therefore, HyperX Alloy FPS is a great option for those who do not want to sacrifice precious keys.

Since the keyboard is considered compact, it does not have any media keys that I like, they are integrated with other buttons and work in combination. In addition, HyperX opted for a network adapter rather than a cable for direct connection to a computer, as is most often the case.

Despite this, Alloy FPS is still a compact gaming keyboard with almost all of the same features and mechanics as standard models. Nevertheless, this model was an excellent choice to enter the peripheral market with it. HyperX Alloy FPS is definitely worth the money.