We all dream of living a long, happy life while being healthy and active. Don’t even deny it! Therefore, today I want to share my rules of longevity. They are simple, but believe me, effective.

Rule 1. Day Mode

Rise – strictly at 6.15, even on weekends. All day devoted to work. I try to go to bed before 23 o’clock, so that at 23 I’ll already sleep. Ideally, you should go to bed at 22 o’clock, but this is from the realm of fantasy. Thus, I maintain the level of melatonin, the hormone of sleep and long life, which is one of the main markers of longevity. The activity of hormone production begins at about 8 pm, and the peak of its concentration, when it is produced in large quantities, occurs after midnight, up to 2-3 hours. Therefore, it is very important during these hours to sleep in a dark room, since in the light the level of the hormone decreases. This mode of the day helps maintain the biological rhythms of our body.

Rule 2. Physical activity

2 hours every day. In the morning – an hour of Nordic walking with sticks in the park. I walk 3-4, and sometimes 5 kilometers – it charges with energy for the whole day. In the afternoon – an hour of fitness. I do not deal with power loads, I work out all the muscles in a calm mode. Adequate physical activity in the hall is good, but it is best to practice in the air, in the open air, in nature. Bathing in open reservoirs with natural water is very useful: it improves vascular regulation and immunity. I myself bathe in the Moscow River, in the area of ​​Serebryany Bor, from early spring to late autumn. I am quite critical of the pool – after all, the water there is treated, with bleach. But if you decide to swim in the pool, rinse thoroughly after it in the shower with a good gel, so as not to dry the skin and provoke allergic and other skin reactions.

Rule 3. Healthy Eating

I try to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time. For breakfast, I eat various cereals on the water, slightly undercooked to preserve all the nutrients, and a salad of avocados, tomatoes, lettuce and red fish. Avocado is a product that slows down aging, it contains natural monosaccharide, which increases energy and efficiency, and, in addition, it is the most delicious of geroprotectors. In the morning, I always drink freshly brewed natural coffee, which, as has already been proven, lengthens telomeres (end sections of chromosomes). And if you want something sweet, then eat honey, oatmeal cookies with raisins or dried fruits. In its pure form there is no white refined sugar in the house. Sugar bowls on the table with us you will not see. I try to avoid “fast” carbohydrates; if I eat fruit, then only in the morning. For breakfast, I eat nuts, walnuts or almonds, in small portions, but regularly, they have a lot of antioxidants that are good for blood vessels.

For lunch I really like soups – vegetable, fish or seafood. On the second – fish or white meat of chicken or turkey. I eat red meat more often than once a week. For dinner – also a fish or a bird with vegetables. If you eat 200 g of fish every week and not more than 100 g of red meat, you can ensure an extension of life by inhibiting the signaling pathways responsible for aging.

In the evening – no carbohydrates, otherwise everything will be deposited in adipose tissue. I observe all four Orthodox posts. At night I drink weak tea with milk, this is a Siberian tradition from the parent’s house.

I think that the eastern approach is wrong – do not eat, for example, after 18 hours, because at night the body will experience pronounced hypoglycemia, that is, a decrease in blood sugar, which will lead to sharp jumps in the blood of insulin. To prevent this from happening, I recommend that all my patients drink a glass of kefir or unsweetened yogurt at night, which also helps to maintain normal microflora in the intestines.

Rule 4. Mental activity

Brain neurons look like tree branches, because they are connected to each other by synapses. With age, these connections break, and the brain, to put it mildly, begins to work with much less intensity.

The brain trains in two ways:

internally (through solving logical problems, setting new goals, learning new poems, songs, movements and skills);

externally, through aerobic exercise, which increases the flow of blood and oxygen.

It is very useful to study foreign languages, especially at, let’s say, mature age. Such exercises train and develop the brain, strengthen memory. I am engaged in improving my English, reading in this language, memorizing new words. Another great brain training is playing chess. Several times a week I always fight for a chessboard with my son or with colleagues.

Rule 5. Refusal of bad habits and fast food

This goes without saying if we want to extend the active years of our lives. There are a lot of trans fats in fast food, which negatively affect the heart and put a huge strain on the liver, increase cholesterol and can cause early atherosclerosis.

Fast food contains the cheapest and most dangerous trans fats in the form of margarine. Their excess can cause cancer of the intestine, and its increased calorie content leads to a set of extra pounds, which also provokes oncology, early aging and the development of age-related diseases.

Studies show that in obese people, telomeres shrink by an order of magnitude faster, which means they are provided with premature aging. Think about it – do you really need this hamburger and Coca-Cola, stuffed with an uncontrolled dose of sugar and fat, many times higher than the daily allowance for a person? As for alcohol, all these comforting myths about the benefits of a glass of red wine due to the resveratrol contained in it also seem very nice to me, but few people are limited to this glass. And the older you become, the more you need to restrain yourself in this matter.

Rule 6. Food for the Soul

If with age it is necessary to reduce the calorie content and the amount of absorbed foods, so as not to collect fat on the sides and stay young longer, then the situation with spiritual food is different. It is very important to maintain your psycho-emotional background at positive frequencies. For me, this is reading the works of Russian classics and watching films on these works. If we are talking about the TV, then this is the channel “Culture”. We sometimes argue at home about what we saw and read, and this gives a lot of positive. And if a person is positive, he gets sick less and lives longer.

Rule 7. Persistence

It is impossible to live a long and active life without constancy in the application of the rules. And then a person decides: “Everything, from Monday I start a new life”, and then it goes out. Everything will be fine, provided that we are actively and constantly doing this, and difficulties – where would it be without them? – we perceive it simply as a stage through which it is necessary to go through in order to feel real joy. If a person paints his future in dark tones – now, I’ll retire, I don’t need anyone, illnesses will pile up, everyone will leave me — these gloomy forecasts can come true. And when a person thinks creatively, with the feeling that his whole life is ahead of him, changes for the better will not slow down to happen. You need to look into the future, see in the future the results of your efforts, yourself, healthy and full of strength, then this gives a good incentive. Do not abandon what you started halfway – you won’t recognize yourself!