A Success Story



Amazon’s story begins in 1994 in a garage where American entrepreneur Jeffrey Bezos placed three home-made tables with computers and a server. Nearby, he rented a small room, and it became the first headquarters of the startup. The project was developed by talented programmers from Silicon Valley.

The story of this largest online store (however, the retailer, rather) began on July 16, 1995. It was created by businessman Jeff Bezos (Jeffrey Preston “Jeff” Bezos). Originally sold exclusively books, later, by 1998, the range was expanded – initially it added audio, and then video production. Today, offers dozens of different product categories to its visitors, including electronics, apparel, sports goods and even food. Books, clothing and CDs are shipped worldwide, while everything else is only available in the US (or the country where the company is located – Germany, France, Japan and others). Often a company enters into an exclusive right to sell a particular product for some time

The Amazon name was chosen for two reasons. At first, the founder wanted his company to be as close as possible to the beginning of the telephone directory or any other alphabetical list. And in the second, mentioning the Amazon – the largest in terms of length and length of river – Jeff seemed to hint that his company should also become the largest in its industry. And it came out.

In fact, originally the company was called Cadabra, Inc. The name itself was extremely unsuccessful, since during the telephone conversation, customers often heard something else, namely “cadaver”. But it was telephone calls that brought the bulk of orders in the first time

Already in the first couple of months, a large number of orders were received from virtually all US states. Six months later, tens of thousands of books were being sold worldwide every six months, so the young company barely had time to process all the orders it received. However, advertising costs were minimal. And in 1998, the first overseas representative office opened in Germany. relatively easily experienced the dot-com crash when hundreds of companies whose business was built exclusively on the Internet went bankrupt in the early 2000s.

The Amazon story won’t be complete unless you mention Kindle. It is an e-book distribution service, also supported by a self-read device. Booker Kindle is interesting because of its low cost, it has many features. The company does not receive income from its sales – for this purpose there are books, as well as periodicals distributed through the service. And it should be noted that content value is quite high. May 2011 was marked by the fact that the number of ebooks sold exceeded the sales of paper books, both in soft and hard cover
Naturally, a giant such as could not help but attract negative attention. The company was sued several times. One time, she was accused of misleading her customers, calling herself “the world’s largest online store,” another time accusing Walmart of believing Amazon was luring its employees. In both cases, for the hero of our story, everything ended safely.

Over the years, has absorbed many other companies and online resources. For example, in 1998,, an online bookseller, formed the basis of Amazon UK, a UK dealership.

Amazon is headquartered in Seattle, Washington (Seattle, Washington, U.S.A). The number of workers worldwide has already exceeded 20,000 people